Week 1 – Day 3

Today was an interesting day. Once again King slept through the night with no problem, woke up around 7:00, went outside, did his thing and then came in for some hallway retrieves. King didn’t really take too it very well, but after a bit of motivating he got into the groove and had a blast. Then we went out to the yard and did some heel work (WITHOUT the choker today!) and it didn’t go very well. I felt pretty frustrated as King hunkered down and followed very grudgingly. It seemed like a step back from yesterday. We finished off with a successful “here” and then went back in to the house where he was kenneled and had some breakfast. I came home at lunch, took him out into the yard again, played some more, did a few fun retrieves and then had to head back to work. I started trying to get King to do his business on the rocks in our yard by giving him not only praise, but a treat as well when he went in the right spot. After work, we all played in the backyard and King and Emilie ran around like crazy. It was super cute to watch. King wasn’t very good at listening this afternoon. He wasn’t very keen to obey “here”, wouldn’t come into the house when told, and nipped at the kids and me. I’m not sure if I over-reacted or not, but I squeezed his snout, looked him in the eye and firmly said, “no”. After this he really didn’t want to listen and seemed to avoid me. It’s frustrating because I don’t want to have the dog scared of me, but I also want him to know who’s boss. After supper I kenneled him as I was leaving for football and Meghan took Emilie to swimming. I got home from football around 9:30 or so and Meghan let me know that he’d peed on the floor (third time in three days – probably not that bad I suppose) but that he wasn’t barking when they walked in so I guess that’s a positive compared to yesterday. I took him out to go pee and again he didn’t want to come when called, didn’t want to come into the house and wouldn’t look me in the face. I put him up on the table, and examined his teeth, legs and paws and then sat him on my lap and just petted him for a while. It seemed like he calmed down with me and then I put a bit of food in his kennel and put him to bed. Interesting day all around. We’ll see how it goes tomorrow!


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