Gaming in Education

I was somewhat surprised when I read the blog prompt asking why gaming had become a “hot issue” in education.  I teach Core French and I play games all the time!  Granted, they may not be of the caliber of the educational games Mrs. Martinez was discussing (I’ve got a ways to go before I catch up to EA), but it would be rare to spend more than a week in my class without playing some sort of vocabulary bingo, verb conjugating battleships, Guess Who, etc.  I realize that I am teaching a subject that lends itself to this type of an approach, but I hope this would be the case for most teachers as I believe students can engage with material in a much more realistic way if they enjoy the activity and find a purpose in using the information for a tangible result. 

I think what has caused this to become a hot issue is that educational gaming is now catching up with the rest of the world and has made inroads on the digital world.  By using technology, and more specifically video games, students are having their worlds come into the classroom.  Although I doubt students would dive into a French verb conjugating video game with the same fervor as the newest version of Call of Duty Modern Warfare or Grand Theft Auto, it would provide a means of ensuring students have another way to access the information in a more visually appealing and engaging way.  

Although I think developing a video game may be a tad out of my reach, I have been toying with the idea of incorporating a technological aspect into some of the projects completed in my class.  I’m currently trying to gain some more information and understanding about second life as I really think it would fit in nicely with my subject matter.  It’s a little intimidating stepping outside of my comfort zone but I’m excited to give it a try.  We’ll see how it works out!



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